L'Europe :

Russie : 141 M inhabitants
Allemagne : 81 M inhabitants
France : 66 M inhabitants
Italie : 61 M inhabitants
Gde Bretagne : 61 M inhabitants
Espagne : 47 M inhabitants
Ukraine : 46 M inhabitants
Pologne : 38 M inhabitants
Pays Bas : 17 M inhabitants
Belgique : 11 M inhabitants
Suède : 9 M inhabitants
Autriche : 9 M inhabitants
Suisse : 8 M inhabitants
Danemark : 5,5 M inhabitants
Finlande : 5,3 M inhabitants

European Zone

La France
La Belgique
La Hollande
La Finlande
La Grèce
Le Portugal
La Pologne
Le Luxembourg
La Slovenie
La Slovaquie


The sun, the sea and the mountains are the frame of the French Riviera.
Its mild climate together with its Mediterranean vegetation keep on charming travelers since ancient times.

The French Riviera always remains the best place to live for many Europeans, who enjoy a great investment potential.

The European Union  currently boasts a population of just over 500 millions.
Buying clients from the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, etc. invest on the French Riviera and we will of course show them your property.

We have developed an active partnership with select real estate agents based in these European countries. We communicate through the best French promotional media distributed abroad and we will present your property to all our European and French partners.

We owe our succeeding in the property business to this know-how and we offer you the best success opportunity for the realization of your acquisition project.

We will be glad to meet you and actively take part in the success of this project.

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